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Welcome to Gala Hotel Büyükada!

Gala Hotel is a sparkling white beauty in one of the nicest streets of Buyukada. With its well lighted, airy and joyous atmosphere, exquisite details as well as friendly approach, it is a special place that you can call as a second home. The hotel is located 5 minutes to the center, offering few joyous alternatives to guests for them to have a good time. One can spend peacefull time in the book corner by reading books about Buyukada as well as listening good music. One can play various fun games in the fun corner and have a good time with groups of friends or with childen. Also it is possible to follow your work with free wireless internet connection which is available all around the hotel. In our private lounge it is possible to organise various activities such as company meetings, birthday parties and afternoon tea parties.

Gala Hotel with a distinguished example of traditional Turkish hospitality and delicate service sensibility, shares a refined romantism and tranquility with guests.

  • Check-In Time    : 14:00
  • Check-Out Time  : 12:00
  • 24 hour reception desk
For birthday and special organisations please contact us.

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   2 floors total 11 Guest rooms

  • 2 Deluxe Rooms
  • 5 Superior Rooms
  • 4 Standard Rooms
  • 24 hour information desk
  • Piano
  • Generator
  • Free wireless internet connection
  • Children and teenager fun areas
  • Meeting room facilities
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